6 bottles of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of 500ml – 100% ITALIAN


Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of tradition with our organic Terra Surti extra virgin olive oil.
Produced from organically grown olive groves , our organic extra virgin oil offers a harmonious balance of flavor with a strong and pleasant aromatic charge that enlivens every dish.

The olives, carefully handpicked from our groves, undergo extraction in our company mill within 24 hours of being harvested to preserve their freshness and nutritional properties. The result is an organic olive oil with a fresh and fruity aroma, with herbaceous hints that evoke our landscape.

Versatile in the kitchen, our organic extra virgin olive oil is the perfect pairing for salads, vegetables, bruschetta, and fish dishes . Packaged with care to preserve its quality, it is an essential ingredient for anyone wishing to bring the authentic taste of the farmers’ tradition to the table.

Add a touch of our organic extra virgin olive oil to your dishes and let yourself be carried away by Mediterranean flavors.

No added sugar
No preservatives
Gluten free
100% vegan

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